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Affordable home backup power solution

I am sure you have heard the news, global warming is causing extreme weather. Hurricanes and flash flooding are worse than ever and hitting new

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AI Baby Translator

AI baby cry translator says about 45% of baby cries are due to pain according to its breakthrough AI baby cry translator.

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Business up front, Party in the back

Business up front, Party in the back. A quote from Joe Dirt. Well, This August, in celebration of the USA Mullet Championships, Fritos®, the “Down for Everything™”

Flying Car Pre-Orders are Taking Off!

Flying Car Pre-Orders are Taking Off! As you may recall, Alef Aeronautics recieved a a certification from the US FAA marking the first time an

No more microchips!

The day has come. You know it would. No more microchips, well in your pets at least. Petnow Inc. announced that its facial recognition app

French’s® Announces Limited-Edition Mustard SKITTLES®

In honor of National Mustard Day on August 5th, French’s® and SKITTLES® have teamed up to release this summer’s tangiest yellow candy: the first-ever mouthwatering French’s Mustard flavored