Halo, an advanced GPS wireless dog fence that is used by over 150,000 dogs, has selected Oracle NetSuite to help it build a better world for every dog. With NetSuite, Halo will be able to take advantage of an integrated business suite to enhance and scale its operations as it expands globally.

Launched in 2019, Halo uses advanced GPS tracking and activity monitoring to help pet owners ensure their dog’s safety. Halo replaces the need for an invisible dog fence since its containment function is held directly in the collar and doesn’t need Internet access to operate. Co-founded by world renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, Halo incorporates Millan’s expertise in dog psychology to deliver built-in training technology that gently teaches dogs. Pet owners can establish virtual boundaries in the app, and GPS functionality helps keep dogs protected and easy to locate wherever they may go. To meet increasing demand and support its domestic and international expansion, Halo needed to streamline its operations, improve the efficiency and accuracy of its financial processes, and establish a single view into its data to enable faster and more informed decision making. After careful evaluation, Halo selected NetSuite to address these challenges and provide an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that will help it save more dogs’ lives.

“As pet ownership surged during the pandemic, our revenue grew from $3 million in 2020 to $50 million in 2022. To support that growth and continue to scale our business, we needed to rethink the business systems that we rely on every day and find a way to eliminate the cost and complexities of working with so many different solutions,” said Ned Mavrommatis, chief financial officer, Halo. “That’s why we selected NetSuite. With NetSuite, we get one system that will be able to integrate our data and streamline our business processes as we expand our go-to-market activities from direct to consumer to selling through distributors and retailers, both domestically and internationally.”

With NetSuite, Halo will be able to streamline and enhance key processes while managing its operations on a single cloud business suite. By automating its procurement, inventory, and subscription management functions, NetSuite will help Halo increase recurring, predictable revenue generators and improve its gross margin. NetSuite will also allow Halo to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to close its books and provide real-time insights into its financial performance, enabling its leadership team to make faster decisions and take advantage of growth opportunities. In addition, by unifying data on a single system, NetSuite will help Halo conduct faster and more meaningful analysis and reduce the risk associated with inaccurate or missing data.

“Halo has brought together a team of technology and dog experts to develop an innovative system that helps pet owners keep their dogs safely off leash no matter where they are,” said Sam Levy, senior vice president of sales, Oracle NetSuite. “Demand for the Halo system has skyrocketed over recent years and by moving to NetSuite, Halo will be able to efficiently meet this demand by enhancing and streamlining its operations with a unified suite. As a result, the Halo team can continue to scale and stay focused on its mission as it expands into new markets.”