AI Newscaster

AI news Anchor

AI Newscaster. Synthetic Television is using tools based on Stable Diffusion to create realistic AI News Anchors for their channel.

AI Baby Translator

AI Baby Cry Translator Image

AI baby cry translator says about 45% of baby cries are due to pain according to its breakthrough AI baby cry translator.

Sketch a Masterpiece

Why us Move over Bob Ross, AI drawing is here. Check out the site .  NVIDIA Research, AI Demo’s GauGan2 creates photorealistic images from segmentation maps. Named after post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, Gaugan 2 is an amazing tool that shows how AI can be used to create stunning imagery with only an idea.  Artist […]

Cool Deep Fake websites that we think are worth looking into.

Travel is good for the soul, unlike Deep Fake websites.

Deep Fake websites When all begins, stop! Currently Deep Fake is in the news for a lot of bad press. Some bad apples are using it to fake news and influence your way of thinking. Take a look at how things are moving forward. Pretty soon you wont be able to tell what is […]

Sketch to photorealistic

A green chair sits in a white room, illuminated by the glow of a synthetic television displaying the weather news.

This is another amazing technology being developed. Basically a very basic sketch can be used by AI algorithms to create a realistic photo. Police sketch artist could benefit from this technology until they are replace by an officer drawing a two eyes and a mustache.