Calling all coffee lovers and gadget enthusiasts! Get ready to ditch your old plastic pods and step into the future of coffee brewing with Keurig! Introducing Keurig’s Alta a New Coffee Pod the K-Round.

Five brown, cylindrical Keurig capsules with white symbols depicted on each, appear suspended in mid-air against a yellow background, arranged in a vertical line with one capsule separated from a stack of four.

They’re brewing up a revolution with a brand new system called Keurig Alta and its star player, the K-Rounds. Forget everything you thought you knew about single-serve coffee. K-Rounds are like little edible coffee pods made from magic plant-based superhero wraps that hug the grounds and keep all the flavor and aroma locked in. No more plastic waste, just pure, delicious coffee bliss.

Two Keurig's New Coffee Pod the K-Round mugs on a poolside table with a sunrise in the background.

The Keurig Alta is your personal barista robot.

Ready to whip up anything from a bold espresso shot with fancy crema to a smooth hot coffee or an icy cold brew – all at the touch of a button. No complicated brewing techniques required, just pure coffee satisfaction.

The foundation of the Company’s future vision is K-Rounds plastic-free pods, a revolutionary new form of single serve coffee. K-Rounds pods are created from expertly roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a proprietary, protective plant-based coating preserving the coffee’s flavor and aroma, eliminating the need for plastic or aluminum.  K-Rounds plastic-free pods will work in the new Keurig Alta brewer as part of a reimagined Keurig system that allows consumers to make a variety of hot and cold barista-style beverages – from a bold espresso with velvety crema, to an aroma-rich cup of hot coffee or a refreshingly chilled cold coffee – without having to master complex brewing techniques.

Hot and Cold Coffee at a touch of a button.

The unique plastic- and aluminum- free design of K-Rounds allows for brewing at both high pressure for espresso-based drinks and low pressure for drip coffee, cold or hot, so consumers can enjoy a variety of coffeehouse drinks without coffeehouse prices.  K-Rounds plastic-free pods will come in different sizes for specific types of coffee beverages and will be marked with a code that the Keurig Alta brewer automatically reads to determine the pressure and extraction profile needed to get the full flavor, aroma and richness of each coffee variety.  After brewing, K-Rounds plastic free pods can be disposed of like coffee grounds and are expected to be certified compostable, as the Company is currently working through the certification process.  The new Keurig Alta brewer will also provide the option to brew existing K-Cup® pods so that users can enjoy the 500+ varieties offered through the Keurig family of brands. 

Keurig Next-Generation capsule k-round coffee machine with a glass of coffee on a yellow background.

Be the first on your block with a Keurig Alta.

They’re even inviting coffee connoisseurs like you to join their inner circle and help test out the Keurig Alta this fall! Be a part of coffee history and brew the future. Sign up now and get ready to experience coffee like never before! Consumers are invited to visit to sign-up to receive exclusive updates about Keurig’s future innovation, including the potential to be selected as a Beta tester of a Keurig Alta™ brewer prototype as early as this fall.

BURLINGTON, Mass. and FRISCO, Texas, March 13, 2024 PRNewswire.

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