On the nice list but had a rough year? Need some holiday magic? Write a letter to Santa! It may seem too soon, but he starts early. USPS Operation Santa is now accepting letters. Send yours today! The earlier the better.

Christmas Letter To Santa
The U.S. Postal Service announces it is accepting letters to Santa beginning today, Sep. 18.

USPS Operation Santa

USPS Operation Santa is the beloved 111-year-old program run by the U.S. Postal Service. Letters are accepted from everywhere in the country and can be adopted by anyone who has successfully registered.

The letters travel to Santa’s U.S. satellite workshop, where they are opened and reviewed, personal information is redacted, and the letters are uploaded to the USPSOperationSanta.com website. USPS Operation Santa provides an online channel where people can safely and securely help children and families have a magical holiday when they otherwise might not — one letter to Santa at a time.

How to send your letter

Letters need to include first and last names and a complete return address: street address, apartment number (if applicable), city, state and ZIP Code. The regular or business-size envelope must have a First-Class Mail postage stamp to travel through the Postal Service processing systems. The envelope needs to be addressed to: SANTA CLAUS, 123 ELF ROAD, NORTH POLE 88888. Letters received without last names and correct return addresses cannot be uploaded.

Your wish list

Also, letters should be legible and include specific gift details — like game and book titles, clothes and shoe sizes (include infant, toddler or teen), colors, styles, etc. This information makes it easier for the letter adopter to know what to purchase. There is no age limit for letter writers. Everyone deserves to experience the magic of the season. Multiple letters can be put in the same envelope, but each letter must include a full name and address, and the envelope might require additional postage.  And, of course, parents can write letters for their young children.

Not on the nice list?

USPS Operation Santa is not a guaranteed gift-giving program. If you not on the nice list but want to be or just want to help kids in need, you can help out. Operation Santa relies solely on the generosity of strangers. It allows individuals to adopt letters written to Santa and send thoughtful, heartfelt gifts anonymously.

Letters to Santa need to be postmarked by Dec. 11. The website will open for letter adoption on Nov. 20. For more information, visit USPSOperationSanta.com.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/

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